Chairman Nils-Robert Persson Talks Vermiculus’ Growth and Design at John Lothian Interview

During the FIA’s Boca Conference 2022, Vermiculus’ chairman Nils-Robert Persson sat down with John Lothian to give a glimpse into the greatest motivators of the company. Nils-Robert shares insights into how Vermiculus navigates long-term relationships and how the design of our systems has resulted in cutting-edge microservices with exceptional modernity, functionality, scalability, and modularity.

Take a look at “Vermiculus Chairman Nils-Robert Persson on launching during a pandemic and structuring his company for growth”

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The First Microservices-based Clearing System with AI-Capabilities

Today, Vermiculus announces the launch of its elastically scalable, AI-powered, real-time clearing system as part of a portfolio of products for the entire transaction chain. The system is the first to bring together state-of-the-art advances in dynamic microservices architecture with vast experience in clearing house business requirements. The result is an unprecedented real-time clearing system […]

Vermiculus Financial Technology – The road ahead

Vermiculus Financial Technology, VFT, is a new, independent, global provider of high performing technology to exchanges and clearing houses. A group of former leaders from Cinnober Financial Technology established Vermiculus in 2020 as a response to the huge gap between supply and demand in the market for Independent providers of best in class technology. As […]