• Vermiculus Collaborates With Miami International Holdings to Deploy its Microservices-Based Clearing Solution to the Minneapolis Grain Exchange
    Vermiculus collaborates with MIH to provide clearing services based on VeriClear, an elastically scalable and AI-powered real-time clearing system.
  • CEO Taraneh Derayati Takes a Deep Dive into Vermiculus in Interview With Patrick Young
    One of our highlights of 2021 was the interview of Vermiculus’ CEO Taraneh Derayati by Patrick Young that takes a closer look into our operations – all the way from the company’s beginnings, how we are putting our mark on the market today, to the exciting future ahead. Take a look at “A New Code […]
  • 2021: A Retrospective from Vermiculus’ CEO
    Taraneh Derayati takes a look at the successes and challenges of 2021 in a retrospective on Vermiculus’ best year yet.
  • Vermiculus Signs a New Agreement for Providing its Microservices-Based Clearing Solution
    Vermiculus Financial Technology, a global provider of clearing and trading technology, today announced it has entered into an agreement to provide its microservices-based clearing solution to a leading market operator in America. This is part of Vermiculus clearing solution, launched earlier this year, which is an elastically scalable, AI-powered, real-time clearing system. The solution with […]
  • Video: The First Microservices-based Clearing System with AI-Capabilities
  • The First Microservices-based Clearing System with AI-Capabilities
    Today, Vermiculus announces the launch of its elastically scalable, AI-powered, real-time clearing system as part of a portfolio of products for the entire transaction chain. The system is the first to bring together state-of-the-art advances in dynamic microservices architecture with vast experience in clearing house business requirements. The result is an unprecedented real-time clearing system […]
  • Was 1984 the birth of FinTech in the Nordics?
    Podcast from FinTECHTalents. Nils-Robert Persson, Chairman at Vermiculus Financial Technology and former CEO of OM was a guest on FinTECHTalents’ podcast. In this chat Nils-Robert discusses exchanges, clearing systems, and the legacy of innovation and entrepreneurism.
  • Vermiculus Opens New Headquarters
    Vermiculus today announced the opening of its new headquarters. Six months after the start of its operation and despite Covid-19 pandemic, Vermiculus has outgrown its offices two times.  The office is in the heart of Stockholm with easy access to major transportation hubs. The sustainable office environment is specifically designed to create an inspirational space […]
  • Best Clearing House, Equities: OCC
    Article from Markets Media. OCC won Best Clearing House, Equities in the 2020 Markets Choice Awards. Markets Media caught up with John Davidson, OCC CEO, to learn more. OCC recently said it was incorporating blockchain tech into its operations. Can you tell us how and in what capacity? We selected Axoni, a tech firm that specializes in […]
  • Taraneh Derayati appointed as Chief Executive Officer at Vermiculus Financial Technology
    Vermiculus board of directors has appointed Taraneh Derayati as Chief Executive Officer. Taraneh Derayati has vast experience in leading large technical transformation projects within the exchange and clearing areas. She has been coaching different divisions at Nasdaq on how to deliver projects in an agile way and how to implement agile practices at scale. During […]