The First Microservices-based Clearing System with AI-Capabilities

Today, Vermiculus announces the launch of its elastically scalable, AI-powered, real-time clearing system as part of a portfolio of products for the entire transaction chain. The system is the first to bring together state-of-the-art advances in dynamic microservices architecture with vast experience in clearing house business requirements. The result is an unprecedented real-time clearing system […]

Taraneh Derayati appointed as Chief Executive Officer at Vermiculus Financial Technology

Vermiculus board of directors has appointed Taraneh Derayati as Chief Executive Officer. Taraneh Derayati has vast experience in leading large technical transformation projects within the exchange and clearing areas. She has been coaching different divisions at Nasdaq on how to deliver projects in an agile way and how to implement agile practices at scale. During […]

Vermiculus Financial Technology – The road ahead

Vermiculus Financial Technology, VFT, is a new, independent, global provider of high performing technology to exchanges and clearing houses. A group of former leaders from Cinnober Financial Technology established Vermiculus in 2020 as a response to the huge gap between supply and demand in the market for Independent providers of best in class technology. As […]