Vermiculus offers AI-driven microservices solutions


Microservices architecture offers increased modularity and resilience, two key factors for any Market Infrastructure Operator. The main benefit is the scalability that is achievable by a microservices-based system. Organizations can scale up a single function without having to scale the entire system. We take this a step further by offering a dynamic scalable solution.

AI-driven platform

Vermiculus platform is a modern elastically scalable AI-powered messaging system that is used for the entire transaction chain. By sophisticated algorithms it adapts to the systems heart beat and recognises when to scale up or down, optimising operation costs, at the same time makes sure to perform at stressed events.


Vermiculus offers trading solutions with focus on performance, robustness and flexibility in order to answer the need from market participants. Targeting future needs of the market, Vermiculus’ trading solution responds to increased volume while maintaining robustness.


There is an increased requirement from regulators to develop best practices and high demand from the market to introduce new products and services.

We offer adaptive multi-asset clearing platform, performing event driven actions and real-time risk calculations. We highlight security, scalability and user interface.


Vermiculus offers CCP Risk management system tailored for the unique requirements of modern central counterparties in terms of best practice, functions and reliability to cope with the increased challenges of changing regulatory frameworks and market requirements.

We work customer oriented.

Our passion is to solve challenges exchanges and clearing houses are facing, from solving technical impossibilities to adapting regulatory framework. Each solution has its own unique customization, based on a strong product. We work in cross-functional  customer teams to answer each need. 

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